Manufacturer of Metal Air Filters, Frames and Housings since 1986

We manufacture durable pad-holding frames, filter-holding frames and HEPA-holding frames that are built to last the life of the HVAC system in which they are installed. Popular applications include filter housings, rooftop air handlers and systems requiring built-up filter banks. Our frames follow ASHRAE standards and can be designed into OEM units or installed as aftermarket replacements.


Designed to replace disposable air filters in residential, commercial and industrial HVAC applications with an economical replacement pad system. The HPG is built for safe and rapid change of filter media and can last for the life of its HVAC application.

  • HPG Series – Pad holding frame – Welded face grids
  • HPO Series – Pad holding frame – Punch-out face grids


Used to construct ASHRAE built-up filter banks to create a leak-free filtration system. These frames accommodate various combinations of panel, rigid and bag-type air filters up to 12” deep. Frames may be built for upstream or downstream service. Two configurations are available depending on the type of filter and fastener combination desired.


Patented Zero-Leak frame used to construct ASHRAE built-up filter banks to create a leak-free filtration system with hinge-lock clips included. Accommodates any 2″ or 4″ pre filter as well as any 6″ or 12″ deep final filter. Seamless Joint mating system, Eliminates Caulking between filters, Support beams included.

  • OPTI-FRAME – Patented Zero-Leak Frame, designed by Total Filtration Manufacturing


A permanent holding frame to build up HEPA filter banks to create a leak-free HEPA filtration system. They accommodate up to 12” deep HEPA filters and can be built for upstream or downstream service. Each frame is supplied with SS locking arms and tightening screw assemblies standard. Two types of seals are available.

  • HGK Series – HEPA-holding frame with gasket seal
  • HGS Series – HEPA-holding frame with gel seal